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The Church. a lowly cindarella?

  • How do we view the church?

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A Lowly Cindarella? As we make our way through 1 Timothy on Sunday mornings we discover that in Paul's view the local church is central to the purposes of God in the world. He writes specifically to youth Timothy and the church at Epehsus. His words are also written to us, to our church, Tundra Baptist Church. But Paul's lofty view of the chcurch is not held by most people in our world today. The church is more like a lowly Cindarella--not much to look at, only called on when needed, and not something that thinking people really need to consider. In the media pastors are often portrayed as "freaks and geeks". Bill Kynes, a pastor in D.C. wrote, "Unfortunately, this low view of the church is not only a prevailing opinion of society at large. It is also found among many Christians. "I can be a Christian without going to church, can't I?" is a common question for those who participate when convenient or when it meets their needs. We have a whole Christian culture that keeps a safe distance from any of the connections created by a church community."

Who needs the church? That's a question that is very relevant to the passage we will study this coming Sunday, 1 Timothy 3:14-16. For Paul, this community of believers was more than just a covenient spiritual suppport group. It was more than a social club meant to lessen our loneliness. The churchm is more than just a lowly Cindarella, it is the Glory and Bride of the Christ, "the household of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth."

Ladies Time Out. The next Time Out is this coming Monday evening, November 18th at 6:30. The theme will be holiday decorations and the first of a two part Bible study series, "Women of Christmas." Of course, there is always good food, fun and fellowship. At Time Out you can connect with other women of our congregation. It can also be a point of invitation, an opportunity for to invite friends and family. To know more about Ladies Time Out, click here.

Pictures. We will continue taking pictures in order to complete our church's "family" album. Come at coffee and donut time, 9:30 to 10:00 or stay for a fe minutes after the morning service. Smile!

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